Price discovery is the process of determining the market value of the product through the interaction of buyers and sellers in an open market. It involves the continuous flow of information and trading activity among market participants, leading to the determination of an equilibrium price at which the product is traded.

Selling or Purchasing Petroleum Products has till now been fraught with various unpredictable actors that can throw a spanner in the plans of any organisation. Traders or end users have to be constantly vigilant against variances in quality and pricing of products.
Many organisations are hampered by a limited access to genuine suppliers of products because they are exposed to only a small fraction of suppliers and prices being offered. In order to bring greater transparency and efficiency in the trade of Petroleum products, the Petroleum E-Market platform has been launched. The Petroleum E-Market Platform conducts live auctions and trades of various petroleum, petrochemical and chemical products daily. On registering with Petroleum Exchange, users can view the products being offered for sale on the platform.
Buyers can choose to participate in these auctions and trades and get product delivered to their location. The various models of auctions and trades allows users to participate in a manner they are comfortable with. Users can participate in direct auctions where the highest bidder of a product gets delivery of the product or one can take part in premium trades where the trade is completed once the seller’s and buyer’s price find equivalence.
Other models like E-Procurement and Penny auctions provide further opportunities for users to begin trading in petroleum products at market competitive prices.  
The Petroleum E-Market platform allows its members to gain access to suppliers/buyers of petroleum products from across the country. With its live auction platform, buyers can bid on products available from across the country. Sellers, in turn, can offer their products from multiple locations and get the price discovered organically for their products.


  1. PetEx provides you different options / alternatives to buy a product at most competitive price. In this process PetEx facilitates the trading / process of price discovery. The rest of the business is as usual in the market place. 
  2. Buyers and sellers both have to take the membership of PetEx to participate in the Auction / Trading.
  3. The seller offers the product along with proof of product and a third party test certificate (COA) to PetEx. 
  4. Depending upon Reliability of the supplier, suitability of product, offer price and logistics feasibility the product is offered in PetEx Platform for trading.
  5. Buyer and seller both have to pay Margin money for participating in the PetEx Platform. Presently the margin money is only 5%. The margin is changed depending upon the product and trading practices.
  6. The entire trading circle is completed within 3 days maximum depending upon the terms offered. The day trading takes place, the buyers will be given the details of the buyer. The detail of the product, logistics and other issues are conveyed by the seller to the buyer.
  7. The sale is made ex. supply point hence the buyer places the tanker / transport for uplifting the product. Once the product is loaded in the tanker and weighment is done, the buyer need to make the full payment to the seller and take the delivery of the product along with full documentation. 
  8. The supplier need to deliver the product with offered specification within specified time period. In case of any default by the supplier the margin money will be forfeited.
  9. The buyer need to take the delivery of the product transacted in the platform. Before delivery needs to verify quality, quanity, specification and documentation. In case of any default by the buyer the margin money will be forfeited.

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